Ann "LaJuan" Stewart Songs

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In order to hear and buy my music on your iPod and MP3 players…you can download and purchase these songs at this website: You have to registers and than all you have to do is log on and place the name LaJuan in the searcher…all the songs I have uploaded with be there for iPods. It cost 99 cents per song.

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Track1 : Sikimzee Highway   
Track2 : Jamaican Cowboy   
Track3 : Love   
Track4 : A Thorn In My Heart   
Track5 : Sunsets   
Track6 : Lady Luck   
Track7 : Happy Hay Day   
Track8 : Kiss Me Where I Stand   
Track9 : I Can't Help Falling In Love With Elvis   
Track10 : My Angel Sings Me To Sleep   
Track11 : Falling Falling Falling   
Track12 : Dream a Little Dream of Loving Me   
Track13 : One Way   
Track14 : I'm All Shook Up   
Track15 : Crazy Arms   
Track16 : The Lamb Lay Beside the Lion   
Track17 : Zion   
Track18 : Holy Roller   
Track19 : I Can Feel Love   
Track20 : Oh Holy One   
Track21 : Little Baby Jesus   
Track22 : The After Christmas Blues   
Track23 : Two Little Love Birds   
Track24 : I Won't Tell   
Track25 : Do You See What I See   

Holy One

By Ann LaJuan Stewart


Jamaican Cowboy

Song written by Jimmy Waldon and Ann LaJuan Stewart

Sang by Ann LaJuan Stewart and Rick Gibson 

Little Baby Jesus

Song by Ann LaJuan Stewart

A Thorn In My Heart

 Song by Ann LaJuan Stewart

Lady Luck

Song written and composed by Ann LaJuan Stewart

featuring Summer Stewart the dancer.

Sikimzee Highway

Song written by Larry Shaw and J. Davis


By Ann LaJuan Stewart


I Can't Help Falling In Love With Elvis

Performed By Ann LaJuan Stewart 


Performed By Ann LaJuan Stewart and David Nash

I'm Going With You

Song written and composed by Ann LaJuan Stewart

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Kiss Me Where I Stand

Song written by Tom Shaprio

Music arrangment and voices by Ann Stewart

One Way

Song by Ann LaJuan

Fly Me Away On Your Angel Wings


Holy Roller

 By Ann LaJuan Stewart


By Ann LaJuan Stewart

Crazy Arms

Written By Chuck Seals, and Ralph Mooney

Music arrangment and vocals by Ann LaJuan Stewart

Dream A Little Dream of Loving Me

Written and Composed by Ann LaJuan Stewart

Do You See What I See?
I'm All Shook Up